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Whether you’re onboarding an employee, introducing yourself to new customers or simply explaining your appointment procedure, easily communicate with Xperience-U’s video messaging through text.

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Get everyone up to speed: Get rid of those old training videos, effortlessly introduce new employees to your business with a modern touch.

Save on chair time: Nowadays everyone has places to be, we know that your time is precious just as you know your customer’s time is valuable! Sending informational videos in advance can help decrease the amount of time spent asking questions during appointments, so you can quickly get back to doing your job.

Meet the friendly faces: It can be nerve racking going to a new office, now you can simply introduce your employees to new customers before they come in, so they have a familiar face when they come in. 

We don’t always know what to expect when we’re heading to our appointments but now that’s not a problem! Send over videos that explain your pre, during and post procedure for your customers! 


Sell yourself to them with personalized videos!
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Too much information at times can be overwhelming and your customers might not be able to see how good of a deal you’re offering them! Give them time to think it over by sending your deals a few days before you see them, so they can get all the facts and you can land the sale!

Keep Them Coming Back For More U!

Easily craft compelling and innovative content to ensure your clients stay well-informed while putting your business front and center. Elevating your brand's memorability hinges on the strategic deployment of creative marketing techniques. By delivering personalized video content that is easily accessible, you place yourself a step ahead of competitors, leaving a lasting impression on your audience that will keep them coming back!

Did you

Businesses that effectively implement upselling see a 20% increase in customer lifetime value.
Companies with successful upselling strategies can experience a 75% increase in customer retention rates
Used properly, upselling with SMS can have a conversion rate as high as 23%.